Nov 27th- Nov 30th (31weeks 6 days- 32 weeks 2 days)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009 3:33 PM by Serena-Mom of 4 boys

So I went to my Friday November 27th doctor visit like any other visit. I was going in for my NST-non stress test then on my way home, or so I thought. They hooked me up and began monitoring the babies and all was well. The fluids also looked good and I was just about to get out of there when they took my blood pressure. Yikes it was 156/106. Not so good! They took it 3 times and had me rest between each time and it didn't change much. So they called the doctor who immediately ordered me to go upstairs to Labor and Delivery to be monitored. I was monitored for several hours and was then told I was not going home that day. The next day was Saturday and instead of being released the doctor informed me that she wanted me to be monitored until at least Monday. It appeared that the platelets in my blood were low. Which is not good if you need to go into surgery any time soon, ex: c-section. My blood pressure was also still high, edema (sudden swelling), and elevated protein in my urine, seeing spots, and headaches. You name it and I was getting it, PIH (Pregnancy Induced Hypertension), preeclampsia/toxemia, and the start of HELLP Syndrome. I'm not sure if they offically diagnosed me with everything but each one was mentioned. It wasn't looking good but I didn't realize it quite yet since they just kept saying they were just monitoring me. They said they would check all the results from my various tests and let me know Tuesday what the next step would be.

The doctor came in on Tuesday December 1st to go over my results of the past 3 days. I was alone, Vic was at work and my mom had went to go see Lil Vic get his reward for Principal's Honor Roll! Straight A's! This by the way was the first time I was going to miss my son get an award.
So she pretty much told me that it was no longer safe or feasible for me to continue with this pregnancy and that they needed to deliver the babies right away for my health and theirs. The time was around noon and she said that the c-section would take place sometime that day after 4 pm. She looked at me and said you better start calling your family. The babies were coming today!

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