Times 3!

So boys, you will be 22 months soon and I'm not going to lie, some things are getting easier and some things are getting harder. It is easier to get out of the house but now that you are approaching 2, we have full on fighting, biting and tantrums occurring. Now that's to be expected but when you multiple it times 3 it can be daunting. Obviously I think that's part of the struggles I'm having recently. Everything times 3 is a lot. I mean when I had Victor, we were young and although he had all the important things there were things I felt I couldn't afford to give him. I always felt that next time it would be different since we would be older and more financially set. Well we were but obviously my decision to stay home has created a tight budget and that is hard for me to swallow at times. There are things that I would love to put you in, sports classes and such but when you multiple the cost times 3, it is ridiculous. Even getting the courage to take you out on my own is over whelming. I sometimes look at people with one kid and how they can just go out to eat, no problem but with 3 toddlers and minimal funds, again not worth it. Now I do know that these things are not what's important I just wished I was in a different place by now and the feeling that we have gone backwards financially just sucks at times. I know that this is a temporary time in our lives I just hope that I'm enough for you. That having me everyday instead of activities we can buy is enough and creates beautiful men.

Back to School!

Thursday, August 25, 2011 8:10 AM by Serena-Mom of 4 boys 0 comments

So the Vic's are back in school! I am sure missing the extra hands and their company. We had a great summer and took a few trips. We started the summer with a camping trip in San Diego for a soccer tournament and then of course our annual Yosemite trip. Then the 6 of us stayed in one of our resorts in Indio for a few days. Vic and I finished off the summer with a trip to Sonoma and Napa for our anniversary. We really needed that away time to re-focus on us. We can get lost in this craziness. The boys travel pretty well and I think are use to being on the go. People always ask us why do we do it. I think the best answer is we loved traveling before the boys and we still want to travel. No one wants to be left at home so we all go. Of course our destinations are closer to home these days but that's ok. We figure we have to do all of this at home wouldn't it be more fun to do it at a campsite or a resort condo. I knew when I stopped working it was going to be hard but God has seemed to bless us along the way and we have felt his love.

So the boys and I are getting back into our routine. I am always trying to think of things to keep them busy. When they get bored is when trouble occurs the most. We have outside playtime and I am trying to incorporate school. They of course don't have the attention span for anything long just time to show them the alphabet and corresponding pictures. They do love it because they are mini books for them to look at. Now with Vic he was in daycare since 14 months old so I had to remember with these boys I am their daycare and need to incorporate more learning. All more boys are changing so much and although some days can be overwhelming I am extremely thankful for these moments.

Victor- So Vic has started Jr High and really loves it. He is a great kid but is starting to get a little mouthy. Nothing out of control, he's just at that age. He is about to start a new season of soccer with his new team, Manchester United. He really loves this team and likes the coach alot. We also recently received his Star Testing results and scored advanced on both subjects. We continue to be amazed by him. He has his 1st school dance coming up. Yikes!

Isaac-Now my cuddly bear has turned a little whiney. I think it's a phase or at least I hope so. He is a chunky monkey but is starting to stretch. He is really such a sweetheart though. He still loves to eat the most and is very playful. He doesn't seem shy and it doesn't take him much to feel comfortable in a new environment. He can identify his nose, ears, eyes, cheeks, hair, hands, feet, lips and knees. Now I haven't done the best at teaching them signs. He does know the few I've shown him. Eat, thirsty, sleep, milk. He is starting to talk alot more.

Words Isaac is saying at 20 months: Mama, Papa, Victor, dog, please (said twice), ball, shoe, goal, cracker, ouch, no, car, bye, where are you, I lu you

Jeremiah-He is till my active baby. He does most things first and makes sure to show his brothers, in case they haven't thought about it yet. He is not whiney at all and only crys when he really gets hurt, physically or emotionally. He gets his feeling hurt easily and is sensitive. Although he is the most daring he gets frightened by things the easiest. He is very quiet with people he doesn't know but is very chatty when he's comfortable. He also does the same few signs and recognizes the same body parts.

Words Jeremiah is saying at 20 months: Mama, Papa, Victor, dog, bellybutton, ball, shoe, goal, cracker, no, car, bye, thirsty, where are you.

Samuel- Is probably my most stubborn. He very much acts like the baby and loves to be carried around still. He tends to stay away a little bit from his brothers. Although Isaac and Jeremiah are very close they also fight the worst. Samuel is not a fighter therefore if its Samuel and either one of his brothers it's very peaceful. Samuel uses the signs the most and lets me know right away if he wants to eat or is thirsty. He tends to watch first then act. Which is the opposite of his brothers. Although he is still the smallest, he makes up for it in his attitude! He also identifies the same body parts.

Words Samuel is saying at 20 months: Mama, Papa, Victor, dog, ball, baby, shoe, goal, cracker, no (he uses this one the best and tells us no), bye bye, where are you.

Forgot to mention, when they say goal, it's with both arms in the air, and more like goalllllll! We are such a soccer family!

What a week...

Friday, May 27, 2011 9:08 AM by Serena-Mom of 4 boys 1 comments

So it's been a while since I posted and it's hard to know where to start. The boys are 17 months now. Many things have gotten easier, I mean we can pack and get out of the house probably quicker than most would think. The boys are more active. There are days when I wonder how we made it. I guess that's stating the obvious. Well this week has been stressful...


Anyways, we have had a big week. Most don't know unless you are close family and friends that Samuel had yet another surgery this past Tuesday. I didn't plan on talking about it but since I have made this blog, kind of my baby book to the boys, I have to mention it. This was his 4th surgery and we were hoping his last but it looks like he will have to at least have 1 more in about 6 months. He had a few things done on Tuesday and the medical terms are Hypospadias repair, correction of Chordee, and scrotoplasty. Yes it has to do with his personals and in all honesty I really don't want to get into the particulars, most can google it. It has been so painful for him and really more than a baby should go through. He has been such a trooper through it all and I just look at him and marvel at all that he has been through. Every time he goes under it is just so nerve racking and all you can do is pray. Well he goes back next Tuesday to remove the catheter. Now when they were going over his discharge paperwork, they said no horseplay for 4 weeks. LOL! Ok, you know he's a triplet, right?! Well we're trying to keep Samuel down but it's easier said then done. Other than that Samuel is doing great! He really is! He's a little guy but healthy. He still plays the baby roll too well but all that he's been through, he's earned it.

6 1/2 month stats:

weight-22.9 lbs

height-31 inches


Now Isaac is still my big boy and the biggest baby when it comes to fighting with his brothers. He loves to chatter and he is my chatter box. His thing right now is when you ask his a question like, did you hear what I said Isaac, he's say yes, and you'll say you did? He'll respond, I did. It really is so cute! He also love to throw the ball and although our family sport has been soccer I wouldn't be surprised if some baseball players emerge. He is also our Bam Bam! He is a big boy and doesn't always realize how heavy his hand is and usually ends up hurting someone with his playing around.

16 1/2 month stats:

weight-28.6 lbs

height-32 inches

Jeremiah James-

As he is often called because it's usually followed by Jeremiah James, no. He is still my non-stop active baby! Just this month he taught the other two how to climb up the high chair and climb out of the crib. He is always first to escape or find a way to escape. Now Jeremiah or Demiah as we call him, no idea why, is also very sensitive. He gets his feelings hurt very easily and certain things scare him when you least expect it. However if he falls and your expecting to hear him start cyring, most times he just shakes his head and walks away. Unlike Isaac if you take his toy, he wont whine and look to me for help, he'll go after who took his toy and just take it back.

16 1/2 month stats:

weight-26.6 lbs

height- 32 inches


Well Lil Vic just finished 6th grade and elementary school and is heading off to Jr High in the fall. He ended the year with straight A's as well as receiving the Gold Presidential Award, this is for maintaining a 3.5 GPA or higher as well as scoring proficient or advanced on state testing from 4th grade to now. We are very proud of him. He is finishing up baseball and is now on a new soccer team, Manchester United, that he absolutely loves. He is a pretty happy camper right now. He is also on 2 other soccer teams, just for fun, one is a 6 a side and the other is on Friday nights with players from his team as well as a couple other teams from the area, Celtics and Barca. I know, it seems like alot but it really does get us all out of the house and the trips love going to parks on the weekend to cheer on their big brother.