Always staying busy

Monday, January 23, 2012 9:32 AM by Serena-Mom of 4 boys 1 comments
So my last post was about Samuel's upcoming surgery. Well to update, it has been postponed. He has an appointment this Friday and we will see then if it will be rescheduled for the next week or two or pushed back a bit. They want him to be a bit bigger so that's the reason.

Well this weekend I was given a great compliment. I was told that I have so much energy and seem so active. This made me feel good because most of the time I feel so run down and everyday when I lay my head down I think of all that I still need to accomplish and how tomorrow I will be better. I sometimes feel inadequate in aspects of my life. Like I'm not organized enough, driven enough, not enough activities with the boys, not enough time spent with Lil Vic, not enough meals cooked, I really need to learn how to sew, I don't cook healthy enough and so on and so on. Don't get me wrong, I know what's important and that my boys are healthy and happy but am I doing enough of the other stuff. It sounds silly even to me but I think when your plate is full you always feel like things are falling off. Now today it's raining so maybe that explains why I feel blah but will we ever do enough for our kids? Will we ever feel adequate? It's not just about the babies, but also my mijo. Are we making the right decisions for Lil Vic and helping him to reach his potential in all aspects in his life? Are we pushing too hard, not hard enough? I usually don't like worrying about things I have no control over however I know how I chose to raise my children is my choice and I guess at times, I wonder if its all enough. So thanks to may family members that gave me that awesome compliment, only if it shows me that by staying moving and active, perhaps as many things aren't falling off that plate of life!

Only one more surgery (I hope!)

Thursday, January 5, 2012 9:13 PM by Serena-Mom of 4 boys 0 comments

So it's a New Year and as the first week goes by I can't ignore the fact that Samuel is having his 5th and hopefully final surgery next week. Tomorrow we head to Loma Linda for pre-op stuff. I try not to dwell or think to much about it because if I do, I will freak out. Now obviously since this is his 5th surgery we have been here before. However, can you ever get use to the idea of your baby being put under and the realization that there's nothing you can do about the pain of healing. I mean I will do my best to sooth and comfort but this is really out of my control. Now I don't get too much into the details but this is the surgery that will hopefully finish correcting his hypospadias. I think the fact that Samuel is now 2 and is speaking so much, also has me worried. He knows how to express pain and he says ouch! So I guess for now I will just pray. I know the control of the situation is out of my hands and that only God knows our plan. I just pray that he watches over Samuel and helps to relieve his pain as quickly as possible.

2 year stats- December 1, 2011

9:08 PM by Serena-Mom of 4 boys 0 comments
A little behind but wanted to post the boys 2 year height and weights.

Isaac- Height 35 1/2 inches Weight 30 lbs 6 oz

Jeremiah- Height 35 1/2 inches Weight 30 lbs 6oz

Samuel- Height 33 1/2 inches Weight 25 lbs 6 oz

Well it happend, Jeremiah finally caught up to Isaac and showed us, they really are identical! They are above average on height and weight.

Samuel is below average but on the chart! Woo Hoo!