February 23rd- 12 weeks old

So our boys are 12 weeks as of yesterday. Time is flying by! They are all getting so big already. Its been a while since I posted last so I'll try to summarize. Well it seems like they are starting to sleep a little better at night. I am able to get about 6 hours of sleep, broken up of course but I'll take it. We've had tons of help and couldn't have survived these first 12 weeks without them. First of all my mom has been with us since I went into the hospital on Thanksgiving weekend and I am so thankful for her support and extra hands. She leaves tomorrow and I know we will miss her dearly. Also my in-laws, Martha and Vic, have been awesome. Coming at night after work to help with feedings and even spending the night at times to give us a good nights sleep. During the day Auntie Inez and cousin Denise have been here to help us with am feedings. This gives us time to eat, do laundry, and even shower. Woo hoo! We love all of you so much and couldn't do it without your love and support. We are so blessed to walk this journey and to be walking it with all of you. I thank God everyday for all of our blessings, and we have many of them.
Now on to the boys...

Victor-Well Lil Vic is adjusting well to his brothers and loves to carry them and kiss them. Of course he gets a bit flustered when they keep crying and is very eagar to hand them back to us. He has learned to change diapers and does help with that as well. He is doing awesome in school, wrapping up another soccer season, and starting baseball season. He is very busy and between his schedule and the baby boys we are jam packed.

Isaac- Well Isaac is getting so big and although he hasn't been weighed recently I think he must be at least 11 1/2 lbs. He still can drink his whole bottle without even waking up and overall is a good baby. He love to be held but can also sit and check things out. As of last week he has started to smile and as of 2 weeks ago he has rolled over. Just in the last 2 days he has also began to coo. I think laughing is right around the corner.

Jeremiah- Now Jeremiah probably weighs about 10 1/2 lbs and is quite the stinker at times. He is my cranky baby but I think he just needs more sleep than his brothers and we have began to recognize that and make minor adjustments to his schedule. Since we've done that the last couple days he has been a much happier baby. He also has started smiling and cooing. Also he and his identical twin Isaac are really starting to look alike.

Samuel-Now my Lil Samuel is doing well and is probably around 9 1/2 lbs. He has not begun smiling yet but has started lifting his head. He is such a good baby! I mean he is actually easy. I pick him up at times even when he's not fussing in order to get Samuel and mama time in. Now no set date yet for his upcoming surgeries but I will post as soon as we know. Now fun fact about Samuel is he loves to sit in his boppy! He absolutely loves it!

Now the pics I am posting were taken by my friend Erin Hughes and we just love how they turned out! Awesome job Erin!