Letter to Samuel

My mijo,

I wanted to write you a special letter since you have been through so much medically. Well 2 days ago you had your 5th and it looks like, your final surgery. Every time you went under my heart felt like it stopped until I saw you again. I tried to just put my faith in God and not freak out but it was easier said than done at times. You, however, emerged a trooper every time. I am amazed at your resilience and how it really does seem, however sad it is, your tolerance for pain is high. You are currently recovering and I have to say, seeing you hurt is heartbreaking. I wish I could take away the pain but all I can say is I'am so sorry mijo that you have to go through this. I know it's a temporary state and I should be so thankful that other than this you are healthy and I am but it still hurts to see you in pain. Then there are times when my Samuel emerges and you are running around trying to get in there with your brothers and I have to keep telling you to sit down and relax because you just had surgery. It's these moments that I know, all will be ok. I love you and are just praying for these next few weeks of recovery fly by for you. I hope that my comfort helps and that you are healed and running around with your crazy 3 older brothers again in no time.

Love you,