January 23rd- Our original due date! (7 1/2 weeks old)

Well today is the date of my original due date. The boys are full term today! A lot has happened in the last 8 weeks. All 3 boys are doing well and we are all adjusting to our new norm. My mom is staying with us until March and is a huge help. I am dreading the day when she leaves. What will we do? Even with the two of us during the day there are times when we don't eat until after 2 pm and days we are in pj's all day not because we're lounging but because we haven't had a chance to change. I think this is going to be a year of survival. People keep telling me that they can't even imagine, they're right, you can't imagine unless you go through it. Although I am worn out everyday, it is a lot of fun and I am amazed how relaxed I am at times. All you can do is laugh at the wonder of it all. I look at them and can't believe I gave life to 3 beautiful boys at once. Wow, what a huge miracle. People also tell me be careful what you ask for. Well I think that God did answer our prayers, 10 fold, and he only gives us what he feels we can handle. For some reason he feels that I can be a good mom and raise 4 boys. So I thank him everyday for his love and belief in me and know that although this will be the hardest thing I have ever done I will not let him or my boys down. I tell Lil Vic that he taught me how to be a mom and to love unconditionally.

Here is an update on each:
Victor- well Lil Vic is going from being an only child to a big brother to 3 little brothers. He is doing beautifully. He is a good kid and adjusting well. He helps us out a little and has developed his dads sense of humor that keeps us laughing and gets us through the day. I can't wait for the boys to get bigger so he can really start playing with them. He does love to hold them and helps us keep them occupied.

Isaac- Well this week Isaac weighed in at 7 lbs 11 oz. He is eating well, as always and has learned that he love arms. He loves to be held and seems to find his way into our bed on occasion. He is not very patient and when he's hungry he lets us know so he usually gets fed first. Although people say that he and Jeremiah look exactly alike, I don't see it. I see a similarity but I can tell them apart. I think Isaac looks like a mix between Vic and I. We'll have to wait and see.

Jeremiah- Well Jeremiah has won the good baby award the last 3 days. He sleeps when he is supposed to and has the most patience. He seems very mellow and can just be for a long time without fussing. This week he weighed in at 6 lbs 12 oz. He looks just like his papa, I don't see me at all in him. He's his papa's son.

Samuel- Samuel has been home for a week now and has probably had the hardest time adjusting. He was in the NICU for 47 days and use to not being held as much. He can sit in his boppy for hours. He loves to just sit and look around. He looks just like his big brother Victor with big eyes. He came home with his colostomy bag and will have it for about 6 more months. He will have an x-ray done in about 3 weeks, 1st operation in 6 to 8 weeks and 2nd operation 8 to 10 weeks after that. Me and my mom have gotten pretty good at taking it off and on but can't wait until we don't have to anymore. Samuel has a longer road ahead of him for full recovery but he will get there. I know my heart will break for him a few more times when this is all said and done and I hope it doesn't shape him in any way. I wonder if he doesn't like to be held much because every time someone does they poke at him and hurt him. I pray that my poor baby doesn't remember any of this. On a good note he is getting bigger and weighed in at 5 lbs 9 oz.

January 16th - Our family is finally together

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The day has come to have all of our boys under one roof. Sometimes it seems like this day would never come and sometimes I can't believe it has come. I just don't feel like we have been waiting 47 days but instead waiting 9 years for this moment. Samuel has finally come home to be with his family. Now Samuel has a few surgeries ahead of him but we are just taking it one day at a time. Samuel is coming home with a colostomy bag so we do have that additional challenge but I have no doubt what ever challenge arises we will deal. Now Samuel has been in the NICU for 47 days so he may have some trouble adjusting. It will be nice to not have to go to the hospital everyday but now the real fun begins!

As of Tuesday of this week the boys weights were Isaac- 7 lbs, Jeremiah- 6 lbs, and Samuel 5 lbs. They are all 1 lb apart.

January 3rd- 4 wks 5 days- 2 of 3 coming home!

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SAMUEL- On the day his brothers went home

ISAAC and JEREMIAH being wheeled out of the hospital by the nurses

ISAAC and JEREMIAH in their carseats ready to come home

ISAAC and JEREMIAH finally getting to wear their Christmas outfits, they are just missing their brother SAMUEL

So Sunday morning started like any other day. We got up and went to church then discussed when we were going to visit the boys at the hospital. Except we received a call from the hospital letting us know that Isaac and Jeremiah were ready to come home. What? We have been preparing for months but for some reason we were running around like chickens with our heads cut off. Is it really happening. Has the day finally come to bring 2 of our babies home. Not only have we been waiting for 4 weeks and 5 days but we've been waiting for 9 years for baby #2 and of course we were so beautifully blessed with baby #2, #3, and #4. How awesome is our God! Now this is also a bit bittersweet since Isaac and Jeremiah were going to be leaving behind their brother Samuel. This was heartbreaking for me as well. But to quote one of our nurses, remember they won't remember a thing of this ordeal, you as their parents will be traumatized for life but they won't even have a memory of it. How true this is! I just keep telling myself that! My baby Samuel won't remember this and he'll be home before we know it.