Times 3!

So boys, you will be 22 months soon and I'm not going to lie, some things are getting easier and some things are getting harder. It is easier to get out of the house but now that you are approaching 2, we have full on fighting, biting and tantrums occurring. Now that's to be expected but when you multiple it times 3 it can be daunting. Obviously I think that's part of the struggles I'm having recently. Everything times 3 is a lot. I mean when I had Victor, we were young and although he had all the important things there were things I felt I couldn't afford to give him. I always felt that next time it would be different since we would be older and more financially set. Well we were but obviously my decision to stay home has created a tight budget and that is hard for me to swallow at times. There are things that I would love to put you in, sports classes and such but when you multiple the cost times 3, it is ridiculous. Even getting the courage to take you out on my own is over whelming. I sometimes look at people with one kid and how they can just go out to eat, no problem but with 3 toddlers and minimal funds, again not worth it. Now I do know that these things are not what's important I just wished I was in a different place by now and the feeling that we have gone backwards financially just sucks at times. I know that this is a temporary time in our lives I just hope that I'm enough for you. That having me everyday instead of activities we can buy is enough and creates beautiful men.