November 23rd- 31 weeks 2 days

Monday, November 23, 2009 8:23 PM by Serena-Mom of 4 boys 0 comments
What a busy couple weeks it's been for this pregnancy. On November 8th we had another scare. I went back into Labor and Delivery for more bleeding and contractions. I received a shot to stop the contractions but on a good note the babies all looked good. So it looks like any small outings that I would partake in are not an option anymore. My low lying placenta of the identicals are causing the bleeding so the doctor prescribed me to stay off my feet as much as possible.

All had been ok since then until Friday November 20th when I went back to specialist for a routine check-up. The babies once again looked great. They checked their fluids and that looked good as well. They are now weighing in at Baby A- 3 lb 8 oz, Baby B- 3 lb, and Baby C- 3 lb 5 oz. So I now have 9 lbs 13 oz of just baby. Now the bad news is that my blood pressure was high enough for the doctor to be concerned. He had me go back into Labor and Deliver on Saturday the 21st to have it checked and have some blood work done. On Saturday my blood pressure was still high and the blood work showed my platelets were low. Since I already had an appointment scheduled for today they decided to check it again. I am now being seen 2 times a week for a non-stress test. The NST checks the babies heartbeats to ensure they are not in any type of stress. They of course checked my blood pressure again today and it appears to have gone up. I was sent back to do the blood work again and as of the end of day today I have to go back to do blood work again tomorrow. The doctor fears that I am developing HELLP Syndrome. HELLP stands for Hemolysis, Elevated Liver enzyme levels and a Low Platelet count. These are problems that can occur in women with this syndrome. Women with HELLP syndrome may have bleeding problems, liver problems and blood pressure problems that can hurt both the mother and the baby. The only thing that usually corrects this is to deliver the babies. So I may be having our babies sooner than we wanted. We are praying that we receive some good news tomorrow and that I can carry the babies for a few more weeks. I will keep you posted and please pray.

November 5th- 28 Weeks 5 days

So it's been a while since I posted an update so I thought it was time. The biggest news is that I am past 28 weeks which is awesome! What this means that if the babies come after this time the survival rate goes up to about 90% with minimal long term complications. Yea!!! There was a time I wasn't sure if I would make it this far. My stomach is pretty big and heavy at this point and although I hear I look small for having triplets, I don't feel small. I think everyone expected me to get huge all over and so far it seems to have mostly gone to my stomach. I use the word mostly very loosely in this example. I am at 30 lbs gained so far. Yikes!

We went to the doctors on Monday to see the babies and get their measurements. Baby A is 2 lbs 11 oz, Baby B is 2 lbs 9 oz, and Baby C is 2 lbs 5 oz. So I currently have almost 8 lbs of just baby in me now. What an amazing journey that God has entrusted me to take. Both Baby A and B are in the 70th percentile which is great and Baby C is around the 50th percentile. The doctor did say that Baby C may actually be bigger but because of the angle of where he or she is, it is hard to get a good measurement. He or she has taken up residence under my right ribs. Of course the doctor did look to see if she could see the gender of Baby C, which of course again she couldn't see anything. The doctor is calling the baby the elusive Baby C. At this point they are just getting too big to see between the legs. I definitely think we will be waiting until their birth day to finally see what Baby C is. Some more good news... Since I am now past 28 weeks the threat of the Twin Transfer Syndrome between my identical boys is also gone so the specialist said instead of seeing me in 2 weeks she doesn't need to see me until 3 weeks. So that would put me at 31 weeks. She also said to make sure and get everything ready because I probably wont go further than another month to month in a half longer. I can't believe the time is coming near to meet the other half of our family. We will be going from 3 to 6. The other day it suddenly hit me that we are going to have 3 infants. That may sound odd but with a triplet pregnancy there are so many things that can go wrong that you really don't believe they are really coming until the time gets closer. Well the time is coming closer and we can't wait to meet them. They are pretty active now and at times keep me up at nights. I guess I should get use to this. Please continue to pray as we head down the final weeks of this part of our journey. There is still an uphill battle for my little ones since they will probably be at least 6 weeks early.

On a funny note I was contacted through my triplet mom's group about a nationally televised cable program that is looking to do stories on triplets. Not for us but thought it was funny just the same.