The Babies Are Here! -December 1st 32 weeks 3 days

Tuesday, December 8, 2009 4:16 PM by Serena-Mom of 4 boys
Samuel Anthony

Jeremiah James

Isaac Nathaniel

The day has arrived! Our triplets are coming! At this time I am thinking that Victor can be in the room taking pictures of the babies as the doctor's perform the c-section. Nope, wrong again. Nothing about this pregnancy should surprise me at this point. Since my platelets are so low they don't want to risk numbing my bottom half only and possibly hitting a vein, which they say is usually not an issue, however with me it could be very bad. So they decide to put me completely under and Vic has to wait by the door for the babies. They also have another IV hooked up for platelets that they are putting into my blood as the operation is going on. Well of course I don't remember a thing other than them strapping down my legs and then my arms, like a cross. All I could think about is, this looks like Jesus on the cross, oh no, am I not waking back up from this, is someone trying to tell me something. All I could do was pray the Our Father and think put me out already... Of course looking back I have to laugh at myself. What a sight I must have made.

Well our boys have arrived and in order A, B, and C!!!
Isaac Nathaniel Maldonado was born at 5:19 pm
4 lbs 1 oz and 16 inches

Jeremiah James Maldonado was born at 5:20 pm
3 lbs 3 oz and 16 inches

Samuel Anthony Maldonado was born at 5:21 pm
3 lbs 2 oz and 16.5 inches

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