June 19th- August 5th

Wednesday, September 9, 2009 4:50 PM by Serena-Mom of 4 boys
During this time things were going along well. We got to see the babies every couple weeks and were going to 2 doctor's now. My OB and the Perinatal Doctor, this is the high risk pregnancy doctor that would be monitoring the babies throughout the pregnancy. We also hit the 12 week mark during this time so that was the first milestone that we crossed. We would learn later with triplets there are many milestones and every week of pregnancy you make is another sigh of relief.

During our first perinatal appointment we were given the speech. All multiple moms knows the speech and knows that it's coming. I have a support group on-line of mom's of triplets so I knew what to expect. With any pregnancy there are risks. We all know this. With multiples it's like taking those risks and multiplying them. They tell you all about what can happen and how reducing the pregnancy to two babies may be safer for the babies and give them a better chance of survival. This was the selective reduction speech. Also since I have a set of identicals, there is another risk. Something call Twin Transfer Syndrome-TTS. With TTS, since the babies share a placenta the nutrients can be distributed more to one baby than the other causing the other twin to not grow or get the nutrients it needs. This obviously can be fatal for one or both twins. As you can imagine these are all things that one would never think unless you went through it. I knew all of this before going in that day and thanked the doctor for the information and that she did not tell us anything that we were unaware of however for us and our family this was not a choice.

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