June 11th- 7 weeks and 5 days

Monday, September 7, 2009 5:00 PM by Serena-Mom of 4 boys
I went in for this ultra-sound alone. It was Vic's last day of work and he couldn't miss. I told him it is just a follow-up and hopefully not too eventful. I can see the irony in this now. So I'm sitting there waiting for the doctor to come in and perform my ultra-sound and the only thing I can think to do is pray. I pray the Lord's Prayer when I get nervous and need his strength. I prayed to him that all was ok and that they would be able to hear the heartbeats. All they we had gone through to get to this point.

Well at this time I am thinking we are having fraternal twins- 2 separate eggs and sperm to produce 2 babies.

So the doctor begins to do the ultra-sound and says oh your having identical twins. I told him, no I'm not. I'm having fraternal twins. He said nope your egg split and you have yourself a set of identicals, he then scanned to the left and said yup there's the other egg with 1 baby. So you have 3 babies. I looked at him and said triplets? He said yup and the nurse gasped and put her hands over her mouth. I looked up to the heavens and chuckled and told God boy does he have a crazy sense of humor.

Baby A and B- as they are called looked great. Their heartbeats were 171 and 176. However my baby that was all by itself-Baby C was smaller and only had a heartbeat of 121. The doctor said that we have to be realistic since it was still early in the pregnancy and that Baby C might not make it. This was alot to take in by myself and I must have sat in the parking lot for over an hour after.

So I called Vic to tell him all about my uneventful ultra-sound. I told him that the babies looked great and that I heard their heartbeats. However Baby C didn't look as good and may not make it. He said Baby C? I told him yup! The egg split and we have a set of identicals and a fraternal twin so we are having triplets. I then began crying. He asked me are you crying because 1 is not doing well or because we are having triplets. I told him both. It was a huge shock to say the least. I posted their 1st photo together. It was taken this day.

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