We're 9 months old now!

Thursday, September 2, 2010 8:22 AM by Serena-Mom of 4 boys





Well it's September and we are getting into full swing with our new routine since both the Vic's went back to work and school. The boys are getting so big and time really is flying by. I'm not going to lie, sometimes it gets crazy and most of the time all you can do is laugh. The hardest time is at nights. The boys stopped sleeping through night around 6 months and I don't think we have gotten one night since where all 3 have slept through the night. Although I already have a son and went through this before, I was lucky the first time since Victor slept through the night since 3 weeks on and we never looked back. I've had various people tell what I should be doing or that they are not eating enough or they're not on a schedule (although they are), most of the time I just listen and nod because what I really want to say is really, how old are your triplets. I know they have the best intentions so there really isn't anything to say. Other than that life is pretty good. Would it be easier with one, absolutely, but it wouldn't be the same and we really couldn't imagine our lives without one of them. They are all unique and bring a piece of our family together. There are still times when I can't believe I have triplets. I mean really, who does that? I guess we do. Only God knew this plan he had for us and we are on this ride seeking his hand to guide us all the way. I know I pray to him often, usually in the form of oh God give me the patience to .... He knows my heart and will need to stay near by for those moments when it all seems to be too much. Believe me I have those moments. However the great moments far out weigh those and I guess that's what life is. Many unbelievable great moments and some hard ones that we look to him for guidance and support. At least that's my life.

Victor is now in 6th grade and doing so much. He is still in club soccer and also plays on a Sunday league. He has also decided to run for president at his school. I am so proud of him for having the guts to run. I remember always wanting to something like that when I was a kid but not having the guts to do it. So whether he wins or loses I am just so proud that he put himself out there. He also wants to be in band so he will be adding 30 minutes of practice a night of the saxophone on top of homework and soccer practice. He is also in GATE so his schedule is so jam packed. He really is such an amazing kid and we have been so blessed. He is such a great role model for his little brothers to look up to.

Isaac is my chunk and such a cutie. He loves to clap and has begun to stand now while holding on to something. When we took him to the doctors 2 weeks ago he was weighing 20 lbs 10 oz. Not bad for a preemie.

Jeremiah is the charmer and always has that innocent look on his face although most of the time its he who is pulling his brothers hair or using them as stepping stools to climb something. He has just started today to stand without holding on to anything. I know, we are in trouble now! I really don't think he realizes that he's a preemie and technically only 7 months old and to be trying to walk is ridiculous. He really is non-stop!

Samuel is our lil baby. What I mean is that he loves to be babied. He wants to be carried and sleep with mama and papa and is the first to wimper and put his arms in the air when someone walks in. He definitely has no problem getting a few suckers to pick him up. He has started to use his legs a little better to get himself in the crawling position so that's great and his therapy is going well.

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  1. :corinne: Says:

    Hi there. Just became a follower. Love that you're bloggin. Your boys are absolutely adorable. Take care. :)

  2. The Garcia's Says:

    So proud that you have had time to update... New goal... update my blog on the girls. It was nice reading. Way yo go Vic!!! That is a great kid!

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