We are almost 10 months!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010 9:44 PM by Serena-Mom of 4 boys

As October 1st approaches I am so struck by how fast the last 10 months have gone by. I remember all the heartache that we went through during the boys stay in the NICU and how I use to say, I wish that I could just fast forward a year and see the boys when they were healthy. If I did fast forward then I would have obviously have missed a great 10 months. October is also the start of fall and of course all the best holidays. The holidays always seemed like they were the best when your kids were young and since we have little ones again, I am really looking forward to all the decorating and festivities. I am also looking forward to Lil Vic enjoying these times with the boys. There is also so much special meaning in this time of year and remembering to take this time to love your friends and family members and appreciating them. Two years ago this October we lost our nephew Christian at the age of 5. It was a heartache that no parent should have to go through and all we can do is stand by our family and never let his memory be forgotten. He was wonderful and the only regret I have is that my triplets never got to meet him. He would have been such a cool big cousin. They were born 1 year and 2 months after he was called home to heaven. So during this time I hold my boys that much tighter and just love them the way Christian was loved by his mommy and remember to try and appreciate every moment with my boys. Although at times our life really is crazy and over whelming we really do know how blessed we are. Not just for having our boys but for their health. They are thriving and we couldn't ask for anything more. Although our bank account may not be as deep our hearts have grown 3 times in size.

The boys went to the doctors last week and here are their weights.

Isaac Nathaniel- 21 lbs (Standing on my own)

Jeremiah James- 19 lbs 2 oz (I took my first steps already)

Samuel Anthony- 16 lbs 10 oz (Crawling now like my big brothers)

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