October 17th- 26 weeks

Saturday, October 17, 2009 8:53 AM by Serena-Mom of 4 boys

Well I'm 26 weeks today! Yea! Another milestone! We had a doctor appointment yesterday and they checked fluids. All looked good with the fluids on all 3 babies. They will check measurements in 2 weeks. We also tried to see if we could take a peak to see what Baby C is again. No success. Baby C would not cooperate. Believe me the doctor tried. She spent alot of time on Baby C. So maybe in a couple weeks or maybe we will have to wait until delivery. Of course with Baby A and Baby B my identical boys there was no problem seeing their winkies, they have never been shy. I am feeling really good just starting to get a bit uncomfortable at night. My stomach is so heavy and I am tossing and turning all night. I guess it's good that I am not working anymore, I couldn't imagine worrying about work as well. I attached the latest ultrasound pictures. They are in a row, from top to bottom, Baby A, B, and C. We will also be having another baby shower this week so I will post those pics later.

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